Welcome to our Wellbeing course schedule

These courses focus on cultivating physical, emotional and mental balance and wellbeing. They include authentic traditional and modern psychological approaches to health and lifestyle. They are suitable for everyone.  For more information about our Wellbeing Centre please click here


Weekly Yoga at the Wellbeing Centre

Yoga with Baillie from 1st February 2018

Baillie left behind a successful role in the high-stress world of financial planning seven years ago to pursue a career that fulfilled her at a much deeper level. She qualified in India in Ashtanga Vinyasa and has complimented this intensive training with Sivananda Hath yoga while offering service through India and Sri Lanka. She is keen to share the physical and emotional benefits of yoga.

What to expect from Thursday classes:

Baillie bases her classes around participants and will tailor them to individual needs.

She begins with various breathing exercises, to quiet the mind and prepare for practice. Each class will include gentle stretching, balancing poses, and sun salutations. Students will get to know their bodies and themselves more closely through practice. The focus is listening to and working with the body gently, which can only be achieved through a kind approach.

Thursdays 4.00pm – 5.00pm in the Wellbeing Centre at Chenrezig Institute.book now
Facility Fee: $12 per class. Join us at the Wellbeing Centre.

Book your yoga class by clicking here and choosing the date of the class you want or simply join us in the Wellbeing studio for yoga.


Live in Stillness: Yin Yoga Retreat with Annie McGhee

Immerse yourself in this deeply nourishing weekend practice of Yin, and experience a shift as mindfulness-based principles are incorporated to create a sense of calmness and reflection.

The longer and passively held poses in the meditative practice of Yin yoga are the perfect counterbalance for you in your busy life.  Using props to fully support the body, you can relax and completely let go and sink deeper and soften into the pose in order to experience stillness of the body and the mind.

In these poses we move beyond the muscles, which are Yang, as they’re soft & elastic, into the Yin connective tissues (the ligaments & the fascia), which are stiff & inelastic. By keeping the muscles soft, we release deeper layers of connective tissue, increasing mobility in the body, especially in the joints and hips, which tighten up due to prolonged sitting and standing.

On a subtler level, the Yin sequences improve the flow of prana (chi/life-force) through the energy channels (nadis/meridians) into the internal organs and tissues around the joints, where energy may have become stagnant. Through the practice of Yin yoga, we can successfully combine both asanas and meditation into a deeply transformative practice.

Please wear loose, comfortable, modest clothing. If you have your own mat, please bring it. Suitable for all levels.book now

Friday 12th October 6.30pm to Sunday 14th October 4.30pm, held in the Wellbeing Centre at Chenrezig Institute.
Facility Fee: $120
Meals and accommodation available separately.  Annie recommends her students stay on site to gain the most possible  benefit from this retreat.

Healing From Within: Relaxation, Awareness and Transformation with Ruth Donnelly

It’s time to nurture your spirit with the deep personal reflection only accessed through meditation and artistic expression. Take four precious days to slow down and connect with your deepest intuition.

In this inspiring retreat participants will explore their unique experience through clay work, drawing and visualisation, yoga and Tibetan Joyful Dance alongside the easy-to-learn self-healing tools of Transformative Mindfulness. These tools are simple, effective, and suitable for people of all cultures, and traditions. They are designed to enable you to:

  • Generate awareness and acceptance of your own mental and physical challenges
  • Directly access the underlying psychological causes that contribute to the mental or physical suffering that you may be experiencing
  • Compassionately transform these causes, in a way that works best for each individual

When skilfully combined these techniques bring insight and change, help build strengths, bring perspective to difficult situations and transform inner conflicts. By breaking open our power of compassion, the underlying causes of our difficulties can be viewed very differently. Profound change can occur!

Please bring along a yoga mat and blanket for relaxation and wear lose comfortable clothes.

Thursday 18th Oct 10:00 am -Sunday 21st Oct 4:00pm,book now

held at the Wellbeing Centre at Chenrezig Institute.
Facility fee $300
Meals and accommodation available separately.

NEW Creative Writing with Sharon Thrupp

Develop your imagination by writing! Writing is a powerful tool for development and transformation.  In today’s’ ever-changing world, we need to make sense of it all, and what better way to do this, than by writing about it.

In our inaugural writing group, we will set out to explore our outer and inner journeys through the power of the pen.  Whether you’ve got a story in your head that you’ve been dying to tell or simply want the companionship of like-minded people, this group will explore the written word.  All levels of experience (or none) are welcome.

There’ll be time to discuss and share ideas, and complete your work at your own pace for the next meeting. Bring your own pens, paper or laptop.


book nowSunday 28th Oct 10:30am – 12:00pm, held in the Tara Room.
This course is freely offered by the Chenrezig Institute community when you register.
Meals and accommodation are available separately.


book nowThursday 1st Nov 10:30am – 12:00pm,
This course is freely offered by the Chenrezig Institute community when you register.
Meals and accommodation are available separately.


book nowThursday 6th Dec 10:30am – 12:00pm,
held in the Tara Room.
This course is freely offered by the Chenrezig Institute community when you register.
Meals and accommodation are available separately


Sharon Thrupp has spent many years living in India and writing about her experiences through short stories and blogs. She has organized Pilgrimages for Chenrezig Institute over the past 7 years sharing her journey https://unpluggedinindia.wordpress.com/

The Art of Sitting with Jane Shamrock

Many Buddhist practitioners spend significant periods of time sitting, however sitting is sometimes an uncomfortable or painful experience. The Feldenkrais method offers insights into the habits which cause pain and the strategies to change those habits.

The Art of Sitting day is a range of comprehensive Feldenkrais classes involving small, mindful movement sequences designed to explore posture and body awareness and the lessons are mostly done lying down. There will be time for individual problem solving and exploration of the many options for comfortable sitting.

book now


Saturday 8th December 9:00am – 3:30pm, 

held at the Wellbeing Centre at Chenrezig Institute. 

Facility fee $75 

Mindfulness in Movement with Katharina Lein

Learn how to listen to your body, enhance your self-knowledge and body awareness. Based on Mary Whitehouse’s “Authentic Movement” approach to dance therapy, participants follow structured and free movement improvisation based on imagery to reveal their body’s inner impulses to move (in silence and with background music). Suitable for all levels, no experience necessary. Please wear clothes you feel comfortable moving in and bring a journal for reflection.



Sunday 9th December 9:00am – 3:00pm,book now

held at the Wellbeing Centre at Chenrezig Institute. 

Facility fee $75 


Cultivating Emotional Balance with Corey Jackson

Want to feel more confident and in control of your emotions? Exhausted by mood swings and looking for more emotional stability? If you would like to take control of your own wellbeing, build your best relationships or overcome imbalances such as anger, anxiety or depression, then this course is for you.

Cultivating Emotional Balance (CEB) training blends ancient techniques for developing mindfulness, empathy and compassion with ground breaking scientific understanding of emotions. The course has been clinically proven to reduce people’s destructive emotional episodes, improve professional and personal relationships and develop resilience in the face of adversity.

Blending theory and practice, CEB gives a genuine experience of ancient techniques made relevant to a modern lifestyle and world view. This unique program is the brainchild of Dr. Paul Ekman, a world renowned psychologist within the field of emotions and Dr Alan Wallace, a highly respected meditation teacher and scholar of contemplative traditions.

book nowIntroductory weekend: Saturday 2 Feb 9:00am – Sunday 3 Feb 3:30pm, at the Wellbeing Centre at Chenrezig Institute.

The course continues: 16 – 17 Feb and 2 – 3 March for those who have attended the introductory weekend (making a total of six sessions to complete the training). Facility fee $150 for the introductory weekend, $420 for the whole course.

Meals and Accommodation are available separately.